Search Guidelines

Our tips for how to use our search to find the right stock illustration for you.


Searches are not case sensitive. You can narrow search results by using the "Within Results" button located below the search box in the page header. Search results can also be refined by applying filters. These are available through the "filters" button next to the search box or through the "advance search" in the side bar. Click on the vertical bar on the far left, beneath the Ikon Images logo in order to reveal. Standard filters such as file orientation, colour and licence type are available.


All image file data i.e. numbers, titles, captions and keywords is full text indexed and searchable by simply adding one or more words in the search box. The search engine also supports Boolean keyword searching so you can use the terms AND, OR, AND NOT to create Boolean queries. Furthermore wildcards are also supported. Below are a few examples of how you can search by typing these terms into the search box.
  • dog OR cat to find images with the word dog or the word cat in the keywords
  • dog AND cat to find images with both the word dog and the word cat in the keywords
  • dog cat is the same as dog AND cat
  • (dog or cat) and park to find files with the words dog or cat and the word park (note the use of the round brackets)
  • lion and not africa to find files with the word lion but not if the word africa is also present
  • (tiger or lion) and not zoo to find files with the words tiger or lion but not if the word zoo is also present
  • dog* to find files with the word dog or words that start with dog e.g. dog, dogs, dogfight and so on
  • *dog to find files with the word dog or words that end with dog e.g. dog, sheepdog, watchdog

Round brackets are used to control how (and in which order) Boolean expressions are evaluated i.e. in (dog or cat) and not park, the search engine first looks for files with dog or cat and then it excludes the ones that also have the word park

Ask Us

Our team is extremely knowledgeable about the Ikon collection and the artist we work with. We are always happy to search for you; just send us an email with as much information as possible and let us do the rest. Send details to
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