Our top tips on using our image library to find your perfect stock image.

General Search Guidelines

All image file data - numbers, titles, captions and keywords - is searchable by simply adding one or more words in the search box. Searches are not case sensitive.

Narrowing Search Results

With so many incredible options in our collection, you may need to refine your search to find the perfect one.

Try the following:

  • Using the "Within Results" button located below the search box in the page header
  • Applying filters (orientation, colour or license):
    • via the "options" button next to the search box
    • through the "advance search" in the side bar. Click on the double arrows on the far left, beneath the Ikon Images logo, to reveal
  • Dragging and dropping selected keywords within an image listing and searching “within results”
Ikon Images Search Guidelines

Boolean Searches

Use the terms AND, OR, AND NOT to create Boolean queries to fine-tune your results to your topic.

Below are a few examples of how you can search by typing these terms into the search box:

Round brackets are used to control how (and in which order) Boolean expressions are evaluated

Wildcard Searches

Maximise your search results with wildcard searches to find all results relating to a root word:

Harness Ikon’s Expertise

Our team is extremely knowledgeable about the Ikon collection and the artists we work with. We are always happy to search our library to help you find your perfect artwork. Just send us an email with as much information as possible and let us do the rest.