Trending Illustrations: Women's Rights

Trending Illustrations: Women's Rights

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"Although women’s participation in the workforce has grown steadily, women continue to be underrepresented at the top."

From the fight for women’s suffrage in the early decades of the 1900s, to the iconic burning of bras at the Miss America pageant in 1968, the past century has seen great strides forward in women’s rights. The conversation continues as societies the world over reckon with the inequalities still faced by women and girls everywhere.

When the #metoo movement went viral four years ago, it exposed the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and assault. Most recently, the return of the Taliban in Afghanistan has seen girls and women banned from education and the workplace.

Complex issues like women’s rights need clear images. No matter the medium - newspaper, magazine, blog or book cover - Ikon’s conceptual stock illustrations can help you to capture these complexities, and your audience, perfectly.

Below, we look closer at some women’s rights issues and showcase some of our best images on the topic.

Illustrations on Equality

Although women’s participation in the workforce has grown steadily, women continue to be underrepresented at the top, with men making up the majority of CEOs, management and political leaders. Meanwhile, the gender pay gap remains in most OECD countries, ranging from 3% to over 30%. But feminism doesn’t just look at workplace issues. Mental load, mother guilt, the juggle struggle; equality at home matters, too.

The Coronavirus has exacerbated these inequalities, hitting women, particularly mothers, hard. In the US alone, 1.4 million more mothers left the workforce. And in the UK, although flexible working has increased drastically, half of working mothers have been denied their requests for flexible work. There is sure to be plenty to discuss for many years to come. Whether you want to sing about your own company’s progress on your corporate blog or create campaign materials, we have an illustration that will get attention.

Violence and Safety Illustrations

London was left shaken twice this year by the disappearances and violent murders of Sarah Everard in March and Sabina Nessa in September at the hands of strangers as they walked alone. Meanwhile, in the US, Gaby Petito’s murder has sparked increased attention on domestic violence. Concern for women’s safety - from violence, stalking, rape and harrassment - is nothing new. But these recent cases have reframed mainstream attention to what many have been saying for years: don’t teach women to avoid harm, teach men not to harm.

It is an evocative subject, and picture buyers and editorial design teams will know they need to approach it carefully. Ikon’s stock illustrations are a perfect way to sensitively - but powerfully - portray these issues.

Women's Health Illustrations

Human bodies are amazing but they are also complex. This is especially true for women, whose bodies see a number of changes throughout their lives, from menstruation to menopause, with many dealing with contraception, infertility and childbirth in between. Adding to this complexity, women are more likely to experience mental health issues, such as eating disorders, anxiety and depression, as well as autoimmune conditions. It’s not just biological, though: there is an increasing recognition of the health inequalities women face, with the WHO and the UN, as well as the UK government all highlighting women’s health in the first half of this year.

As a result, many women are seeking out more information on health topics from a variety of sources, especially magazines, books and educational resources. Ikon has an extensive collection of women’s health illustrations for all these and more.

It’s clear that women’s rights encompasses a complex and enduring set of issues. Ikon has a comprehensive portfolio of exceptional and conceptual stock images that will help you to reach your editorial goals.

Header image: Matt Kenyan | Ikon Images

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