Trending Illustrations: Wellbeing

Trending Illustrations: Wellbeing

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"We are now more aware than ever about the impact of our mental health, energy and mood on our health and wellbeing."

New Year, New You. Unfortunately it’s not always quite that simple, but whether you set resolutions or not, many people view the start of the New Year as a time to focus on themselves and their health. And, as we begin another year in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, it seems even more important than ever to look after ourselves mentally as well as physically.

When everyone is talking about wellbeing in 2022, Ikon has the illustrations you need to stand out from the crowd. Our dynamic illustrations are suitable for a range of industries, such as fitness professionals showcasing their latest programmes, corporate wellbeing blogs, or picture buyers for magazines covering the latest in nutrition.

Have a look below at some of Ikon’s favourite illustrations for feeling fit and well.

Exercise Illustrations

January is typically the time when the gym packs out and you need to have the fastest fingers to book into your favourite yoga class. But one upside to the pandemic is that the offering has expanded to include more outdoor and virtual training sessions. Meanwhile, those spending more time at home can explore locally and work out at the same time, running, cycling, or walking the ubiquitous lockdown dog. Some brave souls will even don their wetsuits for wild swimming, while the rest of us visit the indoor pool instead.

So whether you take your sport seriously or want to highlight the lighter side of exercise, Ikon has hundreds of illustrations on the topic to fit your editorial goals.

Self Care Illustrations

Type ‘self care’ into social media and you’ll find a lot of advice. Formal meditation practises, mindfulness apps, and dedicated journals: those who want to establish a conscious self-care practise have many tools. But for a lot of us, self care is all those little things we do to make us feel more like ourselves and look after our mental health.

That may look like taking some ‘me time’ with a book, a spa day, a beauty treatment, or just some time for relaxation. Others may seek a digital detox and look to hobbies, pets, gardening and nature to fill their free time. Connecting with others can also be a form of self care, taking time to see family and cultivate friendships, or being more present in the community. For many, self care can also be as simple as prioritising sleep; it’s so important, but at least a third of us could use more than we’re getting.

Picture buyers, researchers, editors, and art teams can focus on their own self care by letting Ikon’s image library take the stress out of finding that perfect stock image.

It is an evocative subject, and picture buyers and editorial design teams will know they need to approach it carefully. Ikon’s stock illustrations are a perfect way to sensitively - but powerfully - portray these issues.

Healthy Eating Illustrations

We all know that eating healthily is important year round, but after the excesses of the Holiday season, many seek to return to better habits in the New Year. Organised challenges include going vegan in Veganuary and detoxing during Dry January, while interest in different types of diets grows. Others may challenge themselves to get five-a-day (or more!), drink the recommended minimum of two litres of water a day, or simply try new ways of cooking.

Bring healthy eating to life with Ikon’s mouth-watering collection of beautiful stock illustrations, equally suited to the food industry, educational materials and publications alike.

We are now more aware than ever about the impact of our mental health, energy and mood on our health and wellbeing. Ikon’s image library - packed full of the best hand-picked illustrations - has the breadth and depth to cover all aspects of wellbeing, whatever your publication and industry.

Header image: Oivind Hovland | Ikon Images

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