Trending Illustrations: Sustainability

Trending Illustrations: Sustainability

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"While going green may not always be easy or straightforward, it’s clear that sustainability is on the agenda and it’s here to stay."

Canada is burning, Germany is flooding, and plastic waste is piling up in the Pacific. Scientists, governments, organisations and individuals alike are ramping up efforts to solve these and other problems brought about by global warming and our current throw-away culture. From global leaders at the UN Climate Change Conference ( COP26 ) later this year to people around the world making a conscious effort to ditch single-use plastic, conversations about sustainability are happening at all levels.

It’s an area that gets a lot of attention, and rightly so. But that doesn’t mean your content should get lost in the conversation. At Ikon, we have an exceptional portfolio of attention-grabbing, evocative stock illustrations to assist your editorial design and help your content on sustainability stand out.

We’ve chosen a few of our favourites on this wide-ranging topic below.

Climate Change Illustrations

Probably the cornerstone of sustainability as we now know it, climate change has wide-ranging impacts: increasing natural disasters and weather events, rising sea levels, changing farming conditions, and habitat loss. A lonely polar bear drifting out to sea or a more conceptual image to help visualise emissions, illustrations can perfectly capture that which is currently intangible.

This ability to capture the intangible is important. Recently, news organisations and researchers have been thinking more carefully about the way images convey climate change, in particular the human toll of extreme weather. Although these conversations have so far centered around photography, we think that illustrations - with their ability to hold many concepts together in a single, visually engaging image - are more than worthy of consideration as a powerful alternative for many projects.

Renewable Energy Illustrations

Fossil fuels are out. Renewables are in. New and innovative sources of energy are needed if we are to reduce our emissions. From record solar power generation to ambitious targets around electric vehicles, the conversation around sustainable energy - and the need for new and exciting ways to engage audiences - will continue to grow.

Pollution Illustrations

We humans are an industrious bunch - transport, mining, production, farming - but all this activity can end up leaving a mark on our land, air and waterways. But this same diligence means we can help solve these problems, too; after centuries, even London’s famous “pea soup” smog is a distant memory for all but the capital's oldest residents. With new problems to overcome, such as the ever-increasing amount of e-waste, there’s still plenty to discuss when it comes to pollution.

Waste Less Illustrations

Seemingly small, individual changes can add up to much more as we strive for sustainability. Wasting less can take many forms: refusing a takeaway coffee cup or other single-use plastic, eating less meat and ensuring the food we buy does not go to waste, repairing items and buying second hand instead of always replacing old with new, or even greening up our urban spaces to grow food or increase biodiversity. It’s not always easy for us as individuals to see how we are having an impact, but illustrations, like those from Ikon’s extensive image library, will help show audiences how these actions scale up.

While going green may not always be easy or straightforward, it’s clear that sustainability is on the agenda and it’s here to stay. So whether you need blog post illustrations on water scarcity, a magazine cover image on electric vehicles, or editorial images to highlight your business’ latest green initiative, let Ikon help you find the perfect stock image for your content.

Header image: Michael Mullan | Ikon Images

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