Trending Illustrations: Summer Holidays

Trending Illustrations: Summer Holidays

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"some spots are suffering due to crowd numbers, climate change and development, so sustainability will be high on the agenda as visitor numbers recover"

Pack your sunglasses, swimming costume and suncream because it’s time for the summer holidays!

A quick glance at the headlines, however, makes it clear that holidaymakers face many challenges this year. Like most other things, the cost of travel has increased this year, driven by record fuel prices, which we Brits will feel even more as the pound remains weak against the dollar and the euro. Meanwhile, staffing shortages and strikes are causing chaos for flights and trains across Europe, with travellers in the US experiencing similar problems. And finally, while many countries have eased Coronavirus travel restrictions, it remains to be seen how long these will last in light of the current wave of infections.

Despite these challenges, people all over the world are keen to get back to travel this summer. And it’s not before time, too, as the multi-trillion dollar industry has suffered greatly during the pandemic. With an estimated one in ten people working in travel globally and some economies reliant on tourism, many will be hoping for a strong season this year.

At Ikon, we have the perfect illustrations to capture the renewed optimism of Summer 2022 whatever your design brief. More than just your typical holiday snap of landmarks and scenery, our conceptual images are suitable for newspapers, blogs and websites, magazines and books alike. So whether you’re in editorial or commercial design, Ikon’s comprehensive library of stock illustrations will let your content shine along with the summer sun.

Although every trip is as different as the people on it, we take a closer look at some of the most popular kinds of summer holidays below and show you some of our favourite illustrations to go along with them.

Getting Away

Whether you approach travel with a detailed itinerary or pack your suitcases and hope for the best, the basics of getting away are pretty standard. Time booked off work? Exchanged your currency? Checked the date on your passport? Tick, tick, tick. Don’t forget to check your travel insurance will have you covered during this year’s travel chaos.

And how will you travel? Some will head to the airport to catch a flight, while others will make the journey part of the holiday by taking a roadtrip in the family car or heading to port to take a cruise or ferry. Train travel is also popular, especially in Europe, where mainstream tour operators are beginning to promote train travel as a more pleasant and sustainable option.

However you chose to get there, Ikon’s stock images are just the ticket. Our vibrant illustrations will help bring to life the more practical (but necessary) aspects of the summer holiday.

The Beach and Beyond

With beach destinations in Turkey and Greece leading the global recovery in tourism, the beach holiday remains a firm favourite. Sunbathing by pool or sea, holiday reading in one hand, cocktail in the other - it’s the ultimate in relaxation. But beach holidays can be for families and adventure, too. Splash around and build sand castles with the kids or surf the waves. Activities and excursions are in demand for all types of holidays, with the majority of holidaymakers booking at least one experience during their trip.

The great outdoors is on the agenda, too, with US National Parks expecting a record number of visitors this year. Or spend ‘summer on the slopes’ with ski resorts offering activities such as camping, hiking, biking and climbing, or simply taking in the scenery.

City Breaks and Destinations Illustrations

Hail a bright yellow taxi to the Empire State Building in New York City or take a romantic stroll down the Seine in Paris to the Eiffel Tower: the summertime city break remains popular and it’s easy to see why. Not only can you squeeze a lot into a short period of time, there really is something for everyone. Culture vultures flock to museums, taking in concerts, plays and shows. Foodies will take advantage of cafe culture for alfresco dining featuring international cuisine. Party animals can check out the hottest clubs, bars and nightlife. Architecture, markets, street art the list goes on. Venice, for instance, is so popular in fact that it will start charging day visitors in an effort to deal with crowds.

From Disney World - celebrating its 50th anniversary this year - to the Taj Mahal, some attractions are destinations in themselves, with the most popular UNESCO World Heritage sites seeing over 10 million visitors a year pre-pandemic. Like Venice, some spots are suffering due to crowd numbers, climate change and development, so sustainability will be high on the agenda as visitor numbers recover.

Whether you want to spend your vacation taking on the surf or peaks, taking in the culture, or simply soaking up the sun with a book, Ikon's array of evocative illustrations will inject that holiday feeling into your publication.

Header image: Harry Haysom | Ikon Images

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