Trending Illustrations: Personal Finance

Trending Illustrations: Personal Finance

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"Rising costs on many of our key goods and services mean households are finding that their money just doesn’t go as far as it used to."

Money matters. Household budgets, credit, savings, taxes and insurance; whether people like to talk about it or not, personal finances are an integral part of our lives. And with consumers in many economies facing a significant increase in the cost of living this year, finances will be foremost in many people’s minds.

Let Ikon add value to your financial content with our creative, eye-catching illustrations, hand-picked by our team of experts for relevance and resonance, making them suitable for a variety of publications, both editorial and commercial.

Read more about some of the key aspects of personal finance and see a selection of our illustrations below.

Cost of Living Illustrations

From food to fuel, fridges to furniture, rising costs on many of our key goods and services mean households are finding that their money just doesn’t go as far as it used to. Families are rightly concerned about their budgets as they face higher house prices, and record utility bills and used car prices. With economies around the world, including the UK and US, looking at inflation rates not seen in decades by April, the big household budget squeeze seems set to continue.

There’s a lot to unpack as to why: the Coronavirus pandemic, labour shortages, and supply chain issues, to name a few. So if your publication covers personal finances at all, chances are you’ll be visiting some or all of these topics this year.

At Ikon, our image library has the stock images picture buyers need to sensitively but powerfully show the issues we face from rising living costs.

Credit and Debt Illustrations

Used wisely, you can do a lot with credit, such as building up your credit score, covering spending in emergencies, or even buying your house with a mortgage. Extend yourself too far into debt and you risk defaulting on payments and, eventually, bankruptcy. Rising interest rates, an array of mortgage terms, APR, and store card promotions: it’s easy to see how many get on the wrong side of debt.

However you want to approach the sometimes difficult issues of credit and debt, Ikon’s extensive catalogue of illustrations for newspapers, magazines and digital media has a range of evocative and conceptual images to engage your readers.

Savings and Pensions Illustrations

On the other side of the coin, savings and investments can help individuals take control of their finances and work towards greater security. There are many reasons to save, whether it’s setting up an ISA for a house deposit, joining a saving scheme towards a dream holiday, or leaving more inheritance for the children. Although we know how important savings is, the number of people saving regularly varies widely, with the rising cost of living making it difficult for many to put away extra each month.

Of course one of the most popular reasons to save is for retirement, when we all hope to have enough to be comfortable. As the cost of living increases, most folks look beyond the state pension and social security to workplace and private pensions - such as SIPPs in the UK or IRAs and 401ks in the US - to build a nest egg for themselves.

Ikon’s image library has a wealth of images to help show your audience how the pennies add up, whether you’re in financial planning or part of an editorial team.

Tax Illustrations

Tax season in the US - where most individuals are required to file annually - is well underway. While the early birds will have sent their tax returns off to the IRS over the past month, most will be working on them now, with up to a third waiting until the mid-April deadline. Meanwhile, in the UK, the last of the remaining 2.3 million of those required to submit a self assessment to HMRC have just days left before they will face a late-filing penalty.

Nothing is certain but death and taxes, except perhaps that Ikon has the stock illustrations on tax that you need to stand out and reach your editorial design goals when deadlines are looming.

Insurance Illustrations

After tax, another inevitability of the personal financial landscape is insurance. Take car insurance: in the UK, the average cost of car insurance is around £450 annually, while in the US it can be as much as $1,600 a year depending on the coverage. Other popular insurances include travel, home, life and pet insurance. It all adds up, particularly as the insurance industry grapples with the economic threat of climate change.

Meanwhile, health insurance - or lack thereof - represents a significant cost to US residents. Here in the UK, we love our NHS; that is undisputed. Nevertheless, around 10% of us are covered by private health insurance annually, while many European states have a blend of public and private insurance. It’s difficult to make direct comparisons, but health insurance is certainly an important part of many people's finances.

Our collection of images on insurance will work equally well as commercial illustrations - corporate blogs, websites and trade press - as for editorial images for newspapers or magazines.

Other Finance Illustrations

If you’ve got your eye on the bigger picture when it comes to finance, the economy or business, Ikon’s comprehensive image library is worth more than a glance. Whether you’re looking for illustrations on annual reports, international trade, cryptocurrency or anything else to do with this complex topic, Ikon has the images you need to catch your reader’s eye, too.

Header image: Adam Howling | Ikon Images

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