Inside Look: Katie Edwards

Inside Look: Katie Edwards

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The focus of Katie’s work is conceptual ideas, symbolism and metaphors. The innovative juxtaposition of elements resulting in surreal, humorous and thought-provoking images. Here she describes her technique.

The Process - In Katie's Own Words

All of my illustrations are created using screen printing. First I edit my photographs using photoshop to create my artwork, this is split into separate colours and printed in black and white onto acetate. A screen is then coated with UV sensitive emulsion and exposed to UV light using the acetates. Where the light hits the screen the emulsion hardens and where the design on the acetate blocks the light the emulsion washes away leaving a negative stencil of the artwork. I then screen print each colour in the illustration individually by dragging ink across the screen using a squeegee. The reason I love screen printing so much is that each print is individual, each with their own unique textures and markings, creating an original piece of art each time.

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