Illustrator Interview: Bea Crespo

Illustrator Interview: Bea Crespo

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Describe your work in three words

Conceptual, graphic, playful

How did you get started in illustration? Did you always want to be an artist?

I always knew I wanted to do something related with art but it was not until I studied Fine Arts when I discovered illustration and loved it, so little by little I started to focus my work towards that direction.

Bea Crespo's illustration of fountain pen with power symbol of raised fist

How do you approach a new illustration, where do you start?

I always need to start writing words, reading deeply the article or briefing if it is a commission, or thinking and investigating about the concept I want to illustrate. When I get familiarized with it, I do little and fast sketches until I start to build the concept. Once I have 3 or 4 good different ideas, or ways to approach the concept, I send them to the client together with an explanation for each one. When we have the winner one, I start with colours.

Bea Crespo's illustration of three generations of women from behind

What inspires you?

Reading a lot, watching films, music, walking, a good conversation…

What’s been your favourite topic to illustrate / favourite illustration and why?

It is difficult to choose one, but I love to illustrate editorial articles with social or thoughtful content, the ones that make me think or learn new things about the world and also allow me to express my opinion about a topic.

What’s been your most challenging commission?

Probably the book I illustrated last summer, The feminist Film Guide. I had to illustrate a list of 100 films in a short time. It was challenging but I got it and really learn a lot from all those films, it was super interesting, one of these works you can’t stop thinking about.

What is your favourite medium to work with and why?

I always use the computer because of its good and fast results for commissions, but always I have time between works I try to do some silk screen printing. I love this technique, the process is kind of magic and the results always surprise me. I also try to give this feeling of silk screen to some of my digital illustrations.

What does your workspace say about you?

Right now, my workspace says that I have become a mother, as I share my table with my 5 month baby diapers and tools :) But normally I work in a table in a really nice coworking space I share with other artists (mainly ceramists). I love the light of this place, the partners and all the space I have for myself. I hope to come back in some months.

What bit of kit can’t you live without?

My pencils case, a small notebook, my laptop and my headphones for some music.

Bea Crespo's work studio

Do you have any other creative endeavours outside of illustration?

I love cooking, dive into cookbooks and invent new recipes. I also make ceramics when I find some time to.

Name a favourite artist or an artist who inspires you

Joan Brossa. He was one of the first artists that made me love visual poetry and understand what I wanted to do. I love his playful and sharp mind.

Bea's 2 Minute Self-Portrait

Bea Crespo's 2 Minute Self Portrait

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