Class of 2022 - Meet Ikon's 6 newest illustrators

Class of 2022 - Meet Ikon's 6 newest illustrators

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Ikon’s creative team have brought 6 amazing artists into the fold in the last year. That so few illustrators make it into the collection might surprise you- we certainly hear from many more artists every week.

In selecting who we represent we’re always mindful of the end user (that’s you!) and we want to save your time and make you look good. To this end we only accept illustrations of the highest quality and illustrations with real relevance to today’s image requirements.

“Let us put in the graft, so you can earn the brownie points.”

Here they are in all their glory. Click on the name links to see their full portfolio of images available through Ikon, or you can click through to their websites if you’d like to contact them directly about a commission.

Rosie Hunter rosie hunter

First off the blocks is Rosie Hunter. She joined Ikon in February 2022 with a whole bunch of conceptual illustrations for us to enjoy.

“I am passionate about making ideas driven work with socially conscious themes, in particular mental health. I want to bring my skills as a visual communicator to help people.”

Studying Editorial Illustration at University of the West of England in her hometown of Bristol, UK. Rosie graduated in 2021 making her one of the newest and freshest illustrators on the block.

We are so impressed with Rosie’s ability to convey a complicated message, simply and with a twist of fun.

rosie hunter illustration: Affectionate pet unraveling tangled man's head
Silvia Stecher silvia stecher

Our customers have been heaping the praise for Silvia’s stunning stock illustrations since she joined Ikon Images in early 2022. Recognising her passion for contemporary art at a young age, Silvia moved through her education with an emphasis on Art and Design, before completing her studies at the Academy of Art in Genoa, Italy.

“My speciality, my goal is to combine the client's keywords into an evocative and unexpected image.”

Silvia’s images somehow seem to ooze a fresh Alpine air, so it comes as no surprise that she is from a Swiss-Italian Family with a shared love for the outdoors and adventure.

silvia stecher illustration: Flowers growing around face of woman crying
Paolo Beghini silvia stecher

If you keep abreast of news and current affairs publications, then you would have almost definitely come across the wonderful illustrations of Paolo Beghini. He has been commissioned for conceptual images from the some of the top Newspapers and Magazines, all over the world.

“I like finding visual metaphors in my works to convey the most disparate concepts always trying to get the message clear, smart and enjoyable.”

Paolo’s unique illustrations have an air of mid-century American pop culture and advertising design. If there is a darkness or seriousness to the concept then it is cleverly accentuated by the bright and bold style, giving it increased meaning and emotion.

paolo beghini illustration: Man trapped in pile of gambling chips
Miguel Manich miguel manich

Bright, colourful, and often hilarious, Miguel Manich’s illustrations are delight. If you are a fan of whimsical lifestyle art, then you are in for a real treat.

“My work reflects my own world and my own experiences. I enjoy mixing different techniques to create fresh, intuitive, and colourful illustrations. In my work there is a pinch of subtle humour running throughout.”

Hailing from Barcelona, Miguel didn’t need to go far to learn his craft, he studied an MA Illustration at EINA, Barcelona in 2014. His style is indisputably unique, and the extent of his detail can leave you lost in his illustrations for hours. Not only would one of his images look amazing in editorial, corporate and advertising – you wouldn’t be alone if you wanted one of his works of art on your wall at home.

miguel manich illustration: Men looking with distaste at fish in bowl of food
Ulla Puggaard ulla puggaard

Danish born; Ulla Puggaard certainly knows her onions. As a design researcher and communication articulator she has a vast experience of working in various sectors of the design industry. She clearly has a strong arts and visual communication background, which is reflecting in her wonderful stock illustrations.

“As a multi-skilled designer, I believe a collaborative approach whilst engaging with a wide range of professionals from different disciplines, is key to generating positive outcomes.”

Graduating with an MA Design Futures from Goldsmiths University London, Ulla’s bold, concise and intelligent conceptual illustrations are a continuous joy.

ulla puggaard illustration: Elephant frightened by mouse
Richard Beacham richard beacham

Last, but no means least is Ikon’s newest recruit, Richard Beacham. Specialising in editorial illustrations, with over 25 year’s experience creating diverse and intriguing designs for some of the leading publishing houses around the world.

“Having been literally drawn to illustration as soon as I could hold a pencil, I’ve enjoyed developing multiple styles to best fit a brief in order to create subtle and sophisticated images”

Inspired by the Golden Age of Illustrators, Richard creates hand drawn illustrations finished with a digital spin, making striking illustrations often with a welcome dash of humour.

richard beacham illustration: Pills falling from man's face cracking up

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