Below you will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions at Ikon Images.

Image Copyright Licenses

What is Rights Managed?

With Rights Managed the license granted is specific to the intended use and the fee charged for the image will vary accordingly. Licenses granted under the Rights Managed sales model are specific to editorial or commercial usage and defined by such considerations as size of use, distribution and period of use.

Do you offer Royalty Free images?

At the moment Ikon does not offer Royalty Free images

Are Ikon images model released?

Usually our illustrations by their nature do not require model release. However if a recognisable person is included in the image then we will always be able to supply a full model release if required. The only exception to this is if the image is marked for editorial use only

Purchasing Illustrations

Are pricing packages and subscription deals available?

Yes we offer orange of multiple use packs and will be happy to discuss subscription deals and bulk discounts. It's always worth discussing your needs directly with our sales team to see what we can offer

What size and file types do you offer?

All our images go through a rigorous QA process and are offered as high quality jpg files with dimensions shown on the site. Where images have been created wholly in Illustrator we are also able to supply .eps vector files on request

Original Artwork

Can Ikon artists be commissioned?

We do not act as commissioning agents for our artists. However if you are interested in commissioning we would be happy to connect you directly with the artists. With some artists we do facilitate modifications to existing stock images. In these instances there is an extra fee which goes to the artist in its entirety. If you have an image in mind for your project but would like a modification by the artist then please contact our sales team directly

Can I have exclusive use of an image?

Yes, we have complete sales histories for all our images and are able to grant exclusivity for certain uses. Exclusivity does attract an additional fee

Does Ikon offer photography as well as illustration?

No, Ikon is a leading specialist in illustration. However our collection covers a broad range of techniques and styles including collage and photo composition which use elements of photography in their creation. We also have several artists who are masters of CGI and create images which can appear photographic

Can I buy a print of an Ikon illustration for personal use?

No at the moment we do not offer prints of our illustrations for personal use. Unless of course as presents for our favourite clients

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