Interested in Working with Ikon Images?

Ikon is one of the world's leading agencies specialising in licensing stock illustration.

Based in London, and founded in 2008 by experienced industry professionals, Ikon has a wealth of experience and knowledge in its field and represents the work of over 300 leading artists worldwide. Through our online presence Ikon directly connects with a wide range of publishing, design and corporate clients. As well as direct sales we also offer our artists the option to be involved in our distribution program where we partner with over 40 leading agencies worldwide dramatically increasing the reach of our sales efforts.

Ikon operates a "rights managed" sales process meaning the licenses we grant are tailored to the specifics of the intended use and always time limited. This in turn allows us to make sure the fees we charge are fine tuned to the size of the project and the clients budget.

As a small specialist agency we pride ourselves on providing a highly personalised service to all our comtributors sharing our in depth knowledge of the subjects most in demand by our clients.

How to Submit Your Art

We welcome image submissions from prospective artists

In the first instance, please send us 10-20 low resolution images (approximately 1000 pixels on the longest side) These can be sent by any large file delivery service such as to (please do not send as an email attachment)

Please also provide us with a link to your website and/or Instagram account

If you have more questions or would like to know more about our contributor arrangements please contact

Ikon Images Contributing Artists